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Our Ambassadors are individuals that embody the OpenWorld values. We look for those people that search for adventure and are not afraid to experience new things! If you are someone that values nature and all it has to offer we would love to hear your stories. We do not restrict our Ambassadors to types of professions or activities. OpenWorld is always looking for our next great Ambassador. If you are interested fill out our contact form with some details of your most recent explorations! Otherwise, enjoy reading about all of our great Ambassadors and their adventures!


  • Cai Flynn

    Posted on March 05 2018

    Cai may be a new official Ambassador to our team but she has been one of our strongest supporters from the beginning! Cai brings such a great vibe and energy...

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  • Shane Buzzell

    Posted on October 10 2017

    Shane Buzzell is one of OpenWorld's newest Ambassadors. That being said he has been awesome to work with to this point! Shane is an avid adventure and an excellent photographer!...

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  • Orion Remaniak

    Posted on May 20 2017

    Orion Remaniak has been an OWO Ambassador since April 2017 and since that time has been on some wild adventures! Orion brings such a refreshing and unique style to the OpenWorld...

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  • Love Maine Adventures - Bloggers

    Posted on May 11 2017

    LoveMaineAdventures is our first Blogging Ambassador and we couldn't be more excited about partnering with them. The stories of DD & Willow are great reads for any adventurer. Since May 2017...

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  • Alton Eckel

    Posted on April 26 2017

    Alton Eckel - Has been part of the OpenWorld Outfitters Ambassador team since April 2017. She is one of the first! Alton is one of the most committed adventurers we...

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  • Daniel Doynow

    Posted on April 26 2017

    Daniel Doynow - MPH, CPH, NRAEMT, OEC has been an OpenWorld Outfitters Ambassador since the Spring of 2017. Dan is one of our originals! We look forward to many great experiences...

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