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Alton Eckel

Posted on April 26 2017

Alton Eckel - Has been part of the OpenWorld Outfitters Ambassador team since April 2017. She is one of the first! Alton is one of the most committed adventurers we have encountered in all of our travels we just had to ask her to join the team. We look forward to hearing about all of her adventures with Cole and look forward to trying to keep up with them when we team up to join on some travels! Check out her social media links below so you can follow them as well!

Facebook: Alton Eckel
Instagram: @WanderWoman_SuperPup


My name is Alton Eckel and I'm from Salem, NH. I currently own a psychotherapy private practice in Haverhill, MA specializing in PTSD, Anxiety, and Depressive Disorders. I also received my Master's in Sports Psychology and have worked with ultra marathon and Ironman triathletes in the past. My current outdoor activities include running, hiking, cycling, swimming, kayaking, and rock climbing.

I began road racing and triathlons roughly 10 years ago. 6 years ago and after more than 150 races I decided to start hiking during the winter. I immediately fell in love with the lack of competitiveness against a field and the freedom to go when I chose. 4 years ago I got a dog and this made my connection with the trails grow stronger. Together we completed 30-40 mile days over multiple peaks, slept in tents, and shared snacks on mountain summits. Less than a year ago I opened my private practice and my dog accompanies me daily at the office. We have built up a full caseload in 9 months and I love what I do for work.


I'm currently working on a few summer adventures. I recently became the first person to complete the Northeast Ultra 8 Challenge which consists of 8 ultra marathon hikes in the Northeast. I ended the day with the Cranberry 50 miler in New York. I also am hoping to do the Saranac 6 Ultra again this summer (36 miles with 9k elevation) and this time bike in between trailheads to add 65 miles while towing my dog behind me.

My passion is finding how far I can push my mind and body and learning from every challenge I face.

A typical weekday for me consists of waking up and running with my dog, then going to my office to see clients through 9 pm. Exciting, huh?

Next for me? More travel! Cole has gone with me to Nova Scotia, Quebec, New Brunswick, driven across the country to hike and climb in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, flown to Montana, and covered all of New England. I would love to take him to Alberta or the PNW sometime soon.




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