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Cai Flynn

Posted on March 05 2018

Cai may be a new official Ambassador to our team but she has been one of our strongest supporters from the beginning! Cai brings such a great vibe and energy to our Ambassador team we are so excited to officially welcome her to the team and to follow along in her Adventures! Check out her personal and business social media links below: 


@FreeRangeCai (personal Instagram)  

@TheLifestyleCollectionbyYRI (business Instagram)


Cai Flynn  

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Hi, I’m Cai! I am a Gerrish Island native in the wild state of ME. BIG ocean girl from the very beginning of my lucid life. That’s why I go by Cai, it means ocean in Hawaii.  My real name is actually Cailyn, however.

In the recent, I graduated from The University of Maine with Mass Communication and Business Administration. I got myself involved in the wellness clubs on campus and went through training to become certified as a holistic health coach for students.  I’ve been creating a Lifestyle program for over 4 years now that I call A.L.B.O.E, A Little Bit of Every_____(thing, one, where – let life fill it for you!).  It emphasizes a well-balanced lifestyle, encouraging people to get out there and try new things with an array of people in different places.  It’s all about exploring the endless opportunities in this OpenWorld.

Through efforts to put this program into motion, I’m finishing my degree at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It doesn’t even feel like school upon logging into my online account with an abundance of incredible material from the experts.  I post up wherever I please while becoming educated and inspired through the form of interactive video lectures on how to know, go, and show the way to a life well lived. It’s a one-year program that will set me up with my own wellness business coming out!   I find my most effective approach is taking my clients on mini field trips to somewhere totally new, whether it’s a Farmer’s Market tour, Bikram Yoga class, a brewery to grab a flight, finding the best thrift shops along the way, a quick send to the top of a mountain, or a plunge right into the big blue, following a sand spa!

Nature is neat as heck. I always seem to find my true breath when I tune it to the rhythm of the sea and the winds whistling between the green. One of my rules that rule is getting outside at least 20 minutes a day and go find that sunshine before she goes back to bed. I love to just sneak away some days and set up my OW hammock a couple miles from any voice other than my own.  I take my thoughts to my journal while I swing with style in the open air.  Quite the hammock hooligan here.  

I take myself on a solo sesh once a week where I have no plan in mind but sure to have my car packed with all sorts of things so not to limit my adventure.  I always keep my OpenWorld goodies that I’m now able to store in my new OWO backpack so I can grab it and go.  I’m really into finding trails to run around listening to my favorite Spotify playlist I prepare to facilitate a time.  

I got an insane opportunity to develop a lifestyle brand for a local small company called YRI Custom Design.  YRI has been around for over 50 years now selling wholesale primarily for professional golf, country clubs, yacht houses, and now expanded to anyone with a logo wanting custom-made products. There has always been a very exclusive element about these high-end accessories made-to-order for members only, which is rewarding to support the feeling of being a part of something special. Unfortunately, friends, family and passersby were always asking how they could get their hands on our goods, which up until now was never really an option.  We have been working excitingly to hand-select our favorite leather, waxed canvas, and ribbon bags, belts, and small goods to open up an online store for anyone to have the opportunity to style the life they live.  At first I was a little hesitant to try to push products that people don’t necessarily NEED as that sort of spending doesn’t align with my belief on optimal living. However, I realized in order to live a satisfying life, it is critical we create balance between our needs AND wants.   I find our accessories and certainly the goods available with Open World are able to get you to where you want to me.  Though I could have said “see” or “be” as expected in the last sentence, it’s all about finding what makes you feel like you, as the things we own are extensions of our self.  It’s yOur lifestyle, go become it.

Stoked to be a brand ambassador for Open World. Love the concept, the vision, the story, and the fact it’s a small business starting from the ground up.  Much respect!


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