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Daniel Doynow

Posted on April 26 2017

Daniel Doynow - MPH, CPH, NRAEMT, OEC has been an OpenWorld Outfitters Ambassador since the Spring of 2017. Dan is one of our originals! We look forward to many great experiences both through his story telling and being there with him as often as possible! Check out Dan on social media below! 

Facebook: Daniel Doynow
Instagram: Tele_Man_Dan

I grew up in Upstate New York, where most of my free time was spent climbing and skiing the good ol’ East Coast. Trips to the Gunks were a common occurrence. Until I was 18, most of my summers were spent canoeing in the Cree Territories of Northeastern Canada. I had the opportunity to get to know the Cree Culture while experiencing the vast wilderness of the region. Some of my longest trips have been on Rivière Témiscamie (six weeks in length), Rivière Rupert (six weeks in length), and the Petawawa River (three weeks in length).

After graduating from high school, I spent three years in Europe, Switzerland and Germany. It was there I fell in love with big-mountain and backcountry skiing. Since then, I’ve been living in Vermont, where I completed a Master’s of Public Health, and next year, I’ll be continuing my studies in medicine. When I’m not working at the hospital, ski patrolling, or in the back of an ambulance on a bumpy Vermont dirt road, you can find me in the wonderful Green or White Mountains. My favorite place to climb is in Rumney, NH and my favorite place to mountain bike is Millstone Trials, VT… or maybe Perry Hill – they’re both so great!

I do my best to incorporate my penchant for travelling with my love for the outdoors. This past year, most of my trips have been to the Austrian and French Alps. Chamonix, with its incredibly steep pitches and deep powder made for some of the best skiing of my life. In March, I was in the Chic-Chocs on the Peninsula de la Gaspesie backcountry skiing. I’ve also spent time in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Guatemala trekking. Next month, I’m off to Slovenia and Austria to mountain bike and climb. I'm stoked to ride the Nordkette Singletrack Trail! In June, I hope to come back to my roots and co-lead a two-month canoe trip in Northern Canada.


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