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Posted on May 11 2017

LoveMaineAdventures is our first Blogging Ambassador and we couldn't be more excited about partnering with them. The stories of DD & Willow are great reads for any adventurer. Since May 2017 LMA has been a great voice for OpenWorld Outfitters and we are looking forward to many more adventures and blogs to come!

Visit Love Maine Adventures Site!

Facebook: LoveMaineAdventures
Instagram – @lovemaineadventures, @danielledorrie, @LoveMaine207
Twitter – @danielledorrie, @LoveMaine207
Pinterest - LMABlog

LoveMaineAdventures is an experience blog - we are looking to connect people with the great things that Maine has to offer + connect other adventurers with each other. Love Maine Adventures tells the story of DD - a Florida born girl who fell in love with Maine and Willow, a lifelong Mainer who has been playing in Maine’s great outdoors her whole life. They are looking to help others get involved in the great outdoors and love to show that even though they both work full time + Willow has a son, they don’t let anything hold them back. They co-founded Love Maine Adventures in September of 2016 with a goal of inspiring others to take to the outdoors and maximize Maine’s natural beauty year round.

We are always looking for a new adventure or challenge. Whether it’s climbing peaks, checking out a new brewery or trying rock climbing, there’s always something to do in Maine and New England!

We both have day jobs that keep us busy during the 9-5, but we are always day dreaming of what’s next. We dedicate a lot of time to going through photos + telling stories, and planning out our next adventures.

We are always looking forward to our annual trip to Baxter State Park and we are heading to Mt. Rainier National Park in the fall. We’re planning a few backpacking trips + DD is looking to reach her goal of climbing 35 mountains this year.

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  • DD: July 08, 2017

    We’re so excited to be partnering with you!! I just published our April collaboration (I know, I know…. slacker) here – #goodtimes

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