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Orion Remaniak

Posted on May 20 2017

Orion Remaniak has been an OWO Ambassador since April 2017 and since that time has been on some wild adventures! Orion brings such a refreshing and unique style to the OpenWorld Ambassadors and we are extremely excited to have him as part of the team! Orions social media accounts (see below) are filled amazing pictures of skydiving, hiking and skiing check them out and follow his great explorations! 

Facebook: Orion Remaniak

Instagram: pilotodesalto

Hello, my name is Orion Remaniak, Middlebury VT is what I consider home and where most of roots are rooted but I move often for both work and fun. I have lived in many places from the East coast to the West and everywhere in between as well as parts of Central and South America. What do I do... I travel, explore and am always adventuring! I love finding new places and revisiting old ones, sometimes many times.

I grew up traveling, so my whole life really. My family lived in a VW bus from the time I was about two, we made our way from VT ending up Guatemala, then on a small island that is part of Colombia for a few years before meandering back to VT stopping in many beautiful places in between. I have been in search of adventure some way or another ever since.

I have a few grand ideas and dreams... from traveling through the Andes mountains on a motorcycle to paragliding through the Alps... but there is still always so much left to explore around every corner and wherever my back yard might be.

What is your passion, what gets you excited?
Flight is what I would consider my passion. I have been attracted to flying since first seeing and understanding that humans can conquer the sky. Being able to soar and get that birds eye view and everything that surrounds it is the most amazing feeling for me. So much so that I don't understand why more have not discovered this wonderful ability! It feels extremely special.

What is a typical day in your life?
There really is no typical day in my life... o know that's a bad answer but... it's ever changing. Perhaps one of the qualities that most friends know of me is the possibility that I will go anywhere at any moment.

What’s next for you?
A good nights sleep and then breakfast!


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