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Challenge: Improve the lives of others Give Back

Posted on December 01 2016

OpenWorld Outfitters Giving Back and Improving Lifes

I believe there is a time in everyone’s life when they realize they need to give back. For me I came to this realization a long time ago. I always think there is more time in my life to donate to a charitable organization or give a percentage of my paycheck to charities for cancer or a charity for kids.

The truth is there isn’t always time to give back. We always think this time needs to come later in life when in fact it should happen now. We are blessed to live in such an incredible country. In regards to wealth, we are in the 1% of the world. It is incredible the amount of blessings we have been given in this world and life as Americans.

The first charity I ever donated to helped supply wheelchairs to people around the world. Can you imagine living in a part of this earth where people do not even have access to a basic wheelchair if they are handicap? This is mind-blowing for most of us because we live in a world with so much. We need for nothing and the majority of our “poor” can’t afford the things they “want”. They don’t know what it is like to not be able to afford the things they need like food, water, clothing and shelter.

When we started to form OpenWorld Outfitters one of the very first things we discussed was how we were going to give back. We were all extremely passionate about giving to an international charity. We just needed to decide on which one.

The charity that stuck out the most to us at OpenWorld wasn’t one of the major charity websites. The charity we wanted to be involved with the most didn’t have millions of dollars in advertisement money. They weren’t all over your television asking for donations. This charity was called NEVLO ( << insert this link behind NEVLO. If you would like more about them please feel free to visit their website.

This not for profit organization truly cares about the people in this world. They care about our environment and everyone living in it. That is why it is an honor to partner with them and their message. I believe we will absolutely be a better world as long as we have people that fight for a cause and a message still exist.

Organizations that give back are exactly what we need more of in this world. Organizations like NEVLO are not doing any of the things they do for monetary gain. They are doing huge things to give back to this world that gave them so much.

That is why I implore each and every one of you to get out there and help your community. Start volunteering somewhere. You might be able change the life of someone you know who might be struggling.

I know there is no greater feeling in this world than to give back. I am going to teach my son this lesson from a very early age. I don’t want him to be like the typical American. I don’t want him to have 50 presents at Christmas. That way of thinking and acting needs to leave our society because it leads to unhappiness.

Nothing in this world will give you more joy than to use your time on this earth to give back. You might not have the money to donate but, I promise that you have the time. So, get out there and be someone better in order to create a better world for our future generations.

Thank you!

Ben Hedley

Co-Founder, OpenWorld Outfitters



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