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Escape to the wild: Experience the Good Life

Posted on October 26 2016

I will never forget my first escape to the wild. When you are young the experiences stays with you.  I went on a week-long camping trip with my family. The trip was a beautiful area in Missouri called Bennett Springs. This brought the outdoorsman out of me. My first official escape to the wild!

I remember loading the car up with camping gear, checking the items off on the camping checklist, and making sure we had all of our camping food! It was exciting and new. The first time you feel that new experience anticipation you will never forget it. It is like so many other things in life!

That is why I will never forget my first camping trip and the escape to the wild. The drive was long especially as a kid. However, when we arrived I remember being filled with a great sense of nostalgia. The breeze in the woods was extremely refreshing. There were crickets making noises, leaves, and trees everywhere. It was a young boy’s paradise. Endless activities lay ahead and it really set the base for everything I would come to love and admire later in my life.

For me, nature has always been my home. Yea, of course, I love being at my house and all the comforts it presents me. However, camping with some quality camping food and gear is really where it’s at! There is nothing like being away from all of this technology that has completely taken over our lives!

The greatest memories I’ve made in life have been over a camp fire with a few beers and good friends. The escape to the wild can truly re-invigorate your sense of adventure. I know it brings me back to the point in my life where I first experienced this with my family. The memories are endless and the opportunities are as well.

I have a camping checklist I would like to complete before I’m gone. If you are reading this I encourage you to have the same. This is a few of the places I would like to visit.

  1. Yosemite National Park, California
    1. This place is unmatched with its beauty. It almost looks like the pictures are from a movie out of Avatar. 95% of the park is designated wilderness, which means no cars, no buildings, and no electricity! To me, that means NO INTERFERENCE, NO DISTRACTIONS!!!
  2. Boya Lake Provincial Park, Canada
    1. This place is absolutely stunning. It is renowned for the color and clarity of its lake. You will also, be able to fish here so, it is a win-win situation!
  3. Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico
    1. Wow just wow! Grab your camping gear and head to this location as soon as humanly possible. If you are looking for an escape to the wild this is a place to go. You can throw down your OpenWorld Outfitters hammock and catch some ZzzZZzs. After that get out there snorkel and swim.
  4. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
    1. If safaris are your cup of tea you have got to check this place out! You should plan a trip between July and October, during this time you will get to see the annual migration of gazelle, zebra, and wildebeest. This is a once in a lifetime trip that any adventurer should take advantage of!
  5. Denali National Park, Alaska
    1. Last but not least we have this beautiful location. The view of Mount McKinley is beautiful. It is also called “the great one.” This beautiful location allows someone with experienced hiking gear or someone who just wants to roll out with camping gear to explore its nearly Six Million acres of open land. This is a must on your escape to the wild camping checklist.

Whether you are looking for new adventures or you are just stuck in a rut and need something new escaping to the wild will reinvigorate your life! Get the hell out there and start exploring. There are endless opportunities waiting for you right at this very moment.

If you have quality gear concerns in mind head on over to OpenWorld Outfitters. We source the very best products for the outdoorsman!


Thank You, All Much Love!


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