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Explore the World: Stop the Lazy Life of Old

Posted on December 29 2016

Now that this year is coming to an end it is time to get out and explore the world. The beauty of a new year is that they bring new opportunity. You can stop the lazy life of old and start something new this year. So, in order to help you explore the world I am going to give you a breakdown of a couple amazing places I plan on going.

In case you are wondering how to explore the world with no money…..I really have no answer for you. The only thing I can say is save up, get your passport, buy a ticket, live and enjoy life abroad. If that isn’t a real possibility then try to pick two new places locally that you have never been able to visit. When I say locally I mean any place you are able to drive to in a 3-4 day weekend.

You would be surprised how many incredible places are within driving distance from where you live. Do not forget to bring your OpenWorld Hammock with you to enjoy the shade while you are in a nice secluded location as well!

So, the first place I am going this year is Mexico. I know this is a cliché area where tourists go all the time. However, my wife and I finally decided to try an all-inclusive resort called Eldorado. We are extremely excited to see not only the beach, but the ancient pyramids around the area. This place is rich with history and I am very excited to see it all.

My wife is actually heading over to Brazil for about a month this year. We took an incredible vacation to Brazil last year. We try to head there at least once every two years. Brazil is rich with beaches, friendly people, incredible food and a much needed escape from the cold climate of North America.

I try to make it to Keystone, Colorado atleast once a year as well. This is probably my favorite place to ski in the United States. The runs are just terrific and challenging. There is absolutely no feeling like being at the top of a mountain. If you haven’t experienced this euphoria I implore you to do so immediately.

I am usually told I have way to many hobbies and outside activities. Anyone who says this is probably right because I am never content with just one or two things. Another hobby I truly enjoy is fly fishing. There are amazing places to fly fish but, my favorite based on location is Bennett Springs, Missouri. I have been fishing these streams since I was a child. The same goes with my dad and his dad before him. There is nothing like being away from technology out on a beautiful stream.

These are just a few of the things I plan on doing the first half of this year. I am still looking for another trip for the summer time but, I really haven’t planned that far ahead. Either way I am stoked about 2017. I am sure I will be able to fully explore the world in the coming year.

I know if I can make time for exploring you can as well. So good luck to all of you in the next year and I look forward to hearing about some of your adventures as well.


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