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Here Is The Key To A Successful Exploration - Protect Your Gear

Posted on December 08 2016

Any adventure should be exhilarating and fun and here is the key to a successful exploration, protect your gear. As anyone who has spent time in the great outdoors knows, you only have what you bring with you and it is key to make sure that gear remains in usable condition in order to make the trip a success. To do this you need something that will create a barrier between powerful Mother Nature and your ever-important equipment.

Here at OpenWorld Outfitters we are about enhancing your experiences and have come up with exactly the solution. This collapsible tool takes up almost no space in your pack and will pay dividends on your trip. It is completely waterproof and is large enough to use as a rain fly, covering your pack and other gear outside your tent, wrap around yourself in the event of a sudden storm and has many other uses as well. I personally carry three to four of them when I get out in the wilderness and it has saved me more than once.

Here is an example. Me and my buddies were going on a weekend trip up to Lake Ouachita State Park in Arkansas and the weather was supposed to be beautiful Friday through Monday. We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and started paddling on our 4 hour trek to a more secluded campsite on the other side of the lake. I noticed in the distance some puffy clouds over the hills and didn’t think much of it. About an hour later with weighed down canoes full of gear (and beer) those small puffys’ had grown into grey cumulonimbus giants and it started to downpour.

Luckily as I watched the rain track down the lake towards us, I opened my pack and grabbed the four Large Pocket Blankets and threw two to the other canoe and took two for our boat and covered all of your gear underneath and above to protect it from the rain and the other guys did the same. We donned our rain gear and continued to the campsite. Our gear stayed dry and so did we.

Once at the site we set up camp and used two of the blankets to cover our gear that we piled up. Then we covered the driest spot we could find that had been protected by the canopy above and went on search of all the dry wood we could find. We accumulated a large pile of kindling and wood, which we covered with the remaining blanket. We were now in business, our gear was protected, we had a cover over our head and dry wood to provide fire for the weekend, all thanks to the Large Pocket Blankets.

So again, remember, the key to a successful trip is to protect yourself and your gear. Grab a few of these to keep with you incase the unpredicted becomes reality. As always, get out and explore the world around you!


OpenWorld Outfitters


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