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Here Is The Premium Hammock - The Best Thing You Can Have In Your Pack

Posted on December 15 2016

What you put in your pack is essential, so here is the Premium Hammock – The best thing you can have in your pack. For the last year and a half I have not gone on a trip without one, it is at the top of my pack every day when I begin my trip. Any true hiker, paddle, or camper knows when they arrive at the destination for the night the first and foremost thing they are thinking about is, “where am I going to sleep tonight?”.

For me it used to be, “what area am I going to clear to throw my tent down and set myself up”, now its “what can I tie this hammock to and where can I secure my large pocket blanket as cover so that I can spend an amazing night in the outdoors?”. This combination of gear is a great option as an alternative solution to tent camping in many environments.  

Listen, I love tents and they have many valid applications, however, I have spent my best nights in somewhat temperate climates, rain or shine, in a hammock (sometimes with a cover and sometimes without).  It gets you off the ground and away from small animals/insects as well as rocks while also providing a comfortable environment for a great nights rest. Honestly, if weather conditions are uncertain, I bring a hammock and pocket blanket anyway because they take up almost no room in my pack.

This past October, a couple buddies and I were planning a trip to knock out a few of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks and this time of year can be tricky weather wise. I was packing my 75L pack for the weeklong trip and was trying to figure out what to pack for the uncertain weather. After some thought, I grabbed a bunch of layers from thermals to compressed down and a soft shell, threw my hammock and pocket blanket on top and strapped my one person tent to the side.

The first day we hiked Upper Wolfjaw then around the backside for a night near Beaver Meadow Falls. We started at sunrise and it was around 45F, after the 6.5 mile hike we ended up in a small clearing just north of the falls and set up for our first night. There was a slight chance of showers but the ground was very rocky so, I decided to go with the hammock and mummy bag while using the large pocket blanket as a rain fly. It was probably around 11pm when it started to rain and I was perfectly comfortable and dry with my set up. The guys on the ground actually had some minor wet spots while I stayed completely dry all night.

So there you have it. Here is a great alternative option for you sleeping arrangements while camping or enjoying the outdoors. It takes little to no room to add the hammock, large pocket blanket, or both to your pack and it gives you a variety of options. In summation, for the small amount of space it takes up, the premium hammock is the best use of space in your pack. As always, get out and Explore the world around you.

Ben Watsky
OpenWorld Outfitters


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