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My Remarkable Obsession with the outdoors: Exploring Honduras

Posted on October 13 2016

My remarkable passion for the outdoors was thrown into overdrive when I spent a month Exploring the Honduran rainforest and the country as a whole. The people, the vibe, the ocean, the mountains, and most of all the rainforest. The vegetation and terrain are like nowhere else I have ever been, it is simply impeccable. Exploring the Honduran rainforest started my obsession with the outdoors.
I arrived at Tegucigalpa airport in early June. It was hot and humid and so very beautiful, on the approach I was looking out my window at the tropical thunderstorm clouds, mountains, and the Honduran rainforest. I met my group and we hopped on a bus to Pico Bonito National Park to begin our exploration of Honduras. Before beginning our journey we would spend a week on a local coffee plantation helping build a school for the community.
After a week of wonderful food and people, we departed the village to the trail head with our incredible Broadreach tour guide Jorge. From there my experience of Exploring Honduras began, along with my Remarkable obsession with the outdoors. This also is linked to my motivation for OpenWorld Outfitters and the need for others to get out and experience the world.
As the hike began we all had 50-60 pound internal frame packs loaded with our gear and supplies for the next 2 weeks that we would be spending in the Honduran rainforest. The terrain started as a shallow incline in thick jungle filled with wildlife, I had simply never seen anything like it.
We continued until we reached a large clearing at which point we hiked along a spine that gave us a view of the entire mountain range and the surrounding valleys.I had hiked all over the US and Canada but this was completely different, it was so lush and full of life everywhere you looked.
The spine continued to climb for roughly 1000 vertical feet then leveled off onto a plateau where we stopped for the night. We were out of the jungle and at a high enough elevation where Jorge said we could sleep outside without worry about animals bothering us.
This would have been an awesome spot for one of our Premium Hammocks, but oh well, ground it was. You could look down at night and see small campfires of other travelers and small towns, but for the most part we were secluded in nature.
The next morning we continued the ascent into the interior of this mountain range and the thickness of the rainforest. Even with an early start, it was very hot and very humid, in that environment it is essential to stay hydrated.
We climbed/hiked for several hours until the jungle opened into a bowl with a waterfall and a giant natural pool. The national reserve personnel has built platforms so that you could camp off of the jungle floor, we each found our respective sites and began to set up camp.
After spending the remainder of the afternoon exploring, we returned to find Jorge had gone hunting and gathered some regional fruits to prepare our dinner. Similar to Native American Culture the naturalists of Honduras use every part of the animal for something useful. He sat and had us help him prep and cook our meal, then gave us a history lesson on the park and country as a whole.
Exploring Honduras
For the remainder of our time, we used this location as a home base and took excursions all over the park, sometimes camping for a night away from the main camp. Being immersed in this environment for two weeks truly gave me a Remarkable Obsession with the outdoors that has stuck with me ever since. This is just one of many experiences I had during my time in Honduras and made me realize how important nature and the outdoors truly are.
So, I will tell you this, keep exploring the world around you whenever you can, but set a goal and come up with a bucket list. Go see some of the amazing places around the world that can truly have an impact on you. As always, enjoy the OpenWorld and all it has to offer.
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