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One of the most unique places - The amazing Yellowstone

Posted on November 09 2016

One of the most unique places I have ever been is the amazing Yellowstone National Park. It is a combination of natural wonders and beautiful terrain the combine into one of the world's most amazing wonders.

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Yellowstone is situated between Bozeman Montana and Jackson Hole Wyoming and encompasses just under 3,500 square miles full of natural wonders, unique terrain, and a truly dynamic ecosystem. The amazing Yellowstone is truly one of the most unique places.

 My first visit was part of a college course called The History of America. It was the best choice I made in my college career,  a four credit class that allowed me to travel to Yellowstone and not only experience its natural beauty but also to learn about how the first national park was formed and how it was run.

The class started in Bozeman where we picked up our transport and headed to the west gate of Yellowstone National Park, then we would take a week driving across the northern range and out of the northeast gate and down to the Grand Teton National Park and finally into Jackson Hole, WY.

There were about 10 of us total and we split into three cars and started our trip towards the West Gate. This was where the first structures of the park were constructed for park personnel to live and work. We spent 3 days with the National Park Service learning about the theory they used to maintain and preserve the park, the native and invasive species that they dealt with, and the recovery of the Wolf population in Yellowstone.

Looking back I wish I had one of our OpenWorld Outfitters Premium Hammocks, the night sky and the sounds of the park would have been great to experience in a hammock rather than a cabin.

The next few days we drove and hiked across the Northern Range and witnessed all that the park had to offer. My most vivid memory of the unique place sitting on top of a hill with an observation scope watching nature happen in front of my eyes.

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It began with a red dog (baby buffalo) wondering alone in the middle of an open field, soon after we watched as a pack of adolescent wolves crept from the tree line and moved towards the red dog. Next, they prayed on the red dog and took it down, but soon after that a huge grizzly approached and scared off the young wolves.

The bear started to feast and then the adult wolves moved in, chased the bear off and brought the carcass back to then den just inside the tree line. While some might see this as upsetting, it was truly raw nature occurring right in front if my eyes.

The next stop was one of the historic hotels constructed when the park was opened right at the shore of Lake Yellowstone. The upper geyser basin is full of thermal pools and geysers caused by the thermodynamic energy below. The most beautiful colors I have ever seen were contained in the pools and the different temperatures generated different tones and amazing pigments. 

After taking a million photos we departed and exited the west gate and stopped in Grand Teaton National Park and hiked for two days. We ended our experience with a day of fly fishing just outside of Jackson Hole before departing the next day.

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People too often forget that the US has so much natural wonder to offer within our borders. My time in Yellowstone was amazing and unforgettable, I learned so much about conservation and the science behind the natural environment that makes the amazing Yellowstone one of the world's most unique places in the world. Until next time, get out, explore, and experience all the OpenWorld has to offer.





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