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OpenWorld Outfitters Takes On The Amazing Maine Rapids!

Posted on July 13 2017

The great state of Maine has the nickname of Vacationland for many reasons. The largest being that Maine has so many outdoor activities to participate in during the summer. Many travel to the most Northeastern State in the country for its wealth of adventure in the summer months. One of those great activities is Whitewater Rafting on Maine’s beautiful rivers.

Maine has two very popular rivers for Whitewater Rafting (Kennebec & Penobscot) but today we will be talking about the Penobscot. This is perhaps Maine’s most popular river for rafting due to its daily Class V rapids. Now there are many options available to you in order to go rafting on the Penobscot but, I am going to share my preferences with you in this blog!

When I plan a rafting trip to experience some more OpenWorld adventures, my go to company is Three Rivers. This company offers you everything you need to make your rafting weekend memorable. Located in the West Forks, ME, Three Rivers offers you lodging from basic camping sites to the much more cushy glamping style of a 5 bedroom log cabin and really everything in between. With many additional adventure options such as ATVing, Hiking, Fishing & Skydiving, Three Rivers has it all! You can spend weeks having fun at one of their locations.

Back to rafting, with Three Rivers they make a day of your rafting trip. Once you start you see great rapids almost immediately and they rarely disappoint! Many newbies on the whitewater will end up getting their rafts flipped so don’t be scared to get wet. After several hours or rafting in the morning, Three Rivers will pull off onto one of their campsites and provide you with a Steak, Chicken or Vegetarian option lunch that you will most certainly be needed by the time you get there. After lunch, you finish off the afternoon with many more memorable rapids before ending your trip and returning to the camp site.

One of the best things about Three Rivers is they have a great bar located right at their camp site! What a better way to finish off a fun filled day of rafting & steak lunches then an ice cold beer and some pool! Also available after your trip are some great photos (used here) and videos were taken by Three Rivers very talented staff so you can always remember your Whitewater Rafting trip on the Penobscot River in Maine!

If you think that Whitewater Rafting is for you the season typically runs from April-October. The cost of the rafting trip is typically between 90-105$ based on the day of the week you select. However, there are multiple packages available including multiple day and combination packages! Check out the link above and visit Three Rivers!


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