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Pocket Size Blanket: View the Beauty of the World

Posted on December 21 2016

I know there is an incredible amount of beauty in this world. The beauty of the world is second to none. That is why at OpenWorld when we hit the trail we roll out our Pocket Size blanket and just relax. It doesn’t matter which one of our favorite spots we go to we pack light and roll out our blankets. That is why when we were trying to pick our first product we knew it needed to be something practical. It had to be something everyone could use while at the same time trying to pack lightly.

                That is exactly why we chose to create a product designed with the traveler in mind. The OpenWorld pocket blanket is truly the best compact blanket out on the market. It is made of a very soft parachute fabric and it is extremely durable. The stitching is the highest quality we could produce and we have tested it in virtually every environment.

                Not only will this pocket size blanket allow you to relax on the trail it will fold right back up and contribute absolutely not weight to your hiking gear. In many ways you won’t even know it is there until you are ready to use it.

                There are of course many other very practical uses for this product. You easily can bring this to the beach and use it as a water resistant blanket. Each end of this blanket has a small weight in it to avoid the wind from picking it up and rolling into your friends face! You can also, create a makeshift bivouac to help protect you from the elements, or even collect rain water if you get into a bad situation!

                Our small team is very familiar with the needs of an outdoorsman. We also, know that this is great for anyone who really just needs a blanket for the beach. It is a product with many practical uses for the entire family. If you are looking for anything a larger with more water resistance you can also, take a look at our larger pocket blanket. My buddy Ben Watsky wrote a terrific blog post about it recently. There is a substantial difference between the two products. So, be sure to check out the description. However, I do know that both make great additions to the trail.

                These are the two best pocket blanks on the market and will last you years. We also, are so confident in both of these products that we have offered a lifetime warranty. So, save your receipt and if you ever run into any issues just message us, send the product in and we will send you a brand spanking new one to replace it.

                So, if you want to explore the beauty of the world take this tool with you. You will not regret it! If you have other products you would like to see in the future please let us know and we will be more than happy to create products tailored to our customers. I think that is my favorite part of this, creating a product that I will use personally and products that I KNOW our customers will use as well.


Much love to you all
Ben Hedley
OpenWorld Outfitters


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