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Spotlight: An Amazing Trip To Tokyo

Posted on November 23 2016

Two Weeks ago I boarded a plane and took a six-hour flight to a place I had only dreamed of seeing. It all started with the need to do a visa run and leave Thailand for a short period. In Thailand, I only have the ability to stay in the country for 60 days at a time and then I have to leave to another country for a few days at a time. The usual visa run from Thailand lands most people in Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos but the flights to Japan for some reason were just as cheap during this time! Knowing that we could get the flights for around the same price as the usual locations, it was a no braining to pull the trigger and go to Tokyo.

The trip was going to be short, so we only planned to spend the Tuesday to Saturday in Tokyo and try to see as much of the city as possible in such a short period. On Monday night we packed a single work backpack each with some clothes, our cameras, and a laptop. We called an Uber to go to the Chiang Mai airport, but since the service just started in Chiang Mai a few weeks ago the car took over 40 minutes to show up! Our flight was going to take off in less than 1 hour! We were already late for the first of two flights. We waiting in traffic for 30 minutes before getting to the airport right before our flight check-in counter closed! We somehow made it on the plane and took the quick one hour flight to Bangkok. After we had landed, we started our 5-hour layover, jumped onto or laptops and started editing videos and writing blog posts.

Our second flight was much easier. We jumped on the 6 hours flight, and before I knew it, i woke up in Tokyo. The whole trip took about 12 hours from our apartment to the hostel. We took a quick nap and started our Journey.

Day 1: We started the trip by literally walking around the city and finding random places to check out and eat. That included Chiyoda, Tokyo Station, Asakusa Temple, and a few Fast food restaurants! We also found our Hostel which is located near the Asakusa Temple in Taito. The Hostel is called the Khaosan Tokyo Origami, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is visiting Japan. They use the Pod Style Beds with a Hostel community feel.

Day 2: We woke up late. We were supposed to go to Disney( We have a goal to see everyone in the world), but we woke up at 11 am and lost half the day! So we decided to go for a walk around Tokyo again instead. This as a long walk (Over 10 Miles) and we mainly walked in circles! We were able to see the Skytree Tower, the aquarium next to the tower! Do a little shopping for some Japanese clothing. Visit the Ueno park at night(amazing!), and take a train down to the Higashiazabu. This one of my favorite days. It was packed with sightseeing and cool adventures.

Day 3: Woke up early! Went to Disney! This took up about eight hours of our day before going back to the hostel and grabbing some drinks at a local owl cafe( yes they had real owls, no after doing research I would not support this again).

Day 4: Explored other parts of Tokyo. We mainly spend time around Roppongi and other Tourist areas to see everything from crazy night bars to the biggest street crossing in Tokyo. We went to a few indoor extreme gaming arcades and got sick. Overall a crazy fun day.

Day 5: Head to the airport and fly back to Thailand.

I absolutely loved my trip to Tokyo. My biggest regret was spending the whole time in Tokyo. I think after two days I could have left and gone to Mount Fuji or another more adventures location of Japan. The next time I go I will make sure my camping equipment is with me the majority of the trip!

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