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The Adventure of a Lifetime: Military Hiking

Posted on April 30 2017


This is my first blog post as part of the OpenWorld team and I just felt like this topic was a must! I have had many adventures in my young life to this point but of them, all this one sticks with me. Not only was this one of my favorite hikes but the way we did it was foolishly fun!

First off, I want to highlight for you that my three friends I made this climb with are some of the most competitive people I have ever met. It didn’t help matters that the four of us were all young Military individuals in the best shape of our lives!

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As those of you that have completed a hike like Mount Washington (in the winter) you know layering and having a quality pack is extremely important! This concept was even truer the way in which we made our climb. Because, this was not just a climb, but felt like a race between us all to the top! Now when you’re in the White Mountains, with snow on the ground and cold winds you really can’t move too fast but damn did we try.

This fast paced hike up Mount Washington was made even more challenging to see who could unpack their spare layers each step of the way the fastest to keep moving and be in the front. As you can imagine this hike really made me truly understand the importance of compact pocket-sized gear! Unfortunately for me, I had the worst gear of them all at this time so time after time I had to work harder to stay ahead.

Adventure of a lifetime ending

We made it to the top and felt those extreme changes in weather that make Mount Washington so famous, took in the views and huddled into a cave like structure to eat our MRE lunches. Before packing back up for a surprisingly calm walk down minus one piece. We super-manned down well over 300 yards of the icy mountain top! Of course, we made sure to be safe about it as we did this. This moment is one of the highlights of this hike for me!

Finally, we made it to the bottom after sledding, removing layers and a few laughs on the way. This was by far one of my favorite mountains to hike and one I have put on my calendar every year to try and experience again.


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