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The Best Way to Make Vacation Amazing and Exciting, Why I love Adventure Travel

Posted on August 14 2017

Instead of heading to the all inclusive or generic resort, you can make the vacation more amazing and exciting, this is why I love adventure travel. Whether you are a family looking for a fun trip for everyone or a young travel squad trying to get a little wild and do something different, adventure travel is a great option!



The OpenWorld team recently took some time away from our full-time jobs and went on an amazing trip completely shaped around our brand and the lifestyle we live for.  We set off with ourselves and a group of friends for a location completely outside of the normal tourist path in the Dominican Republic; a small local village two hours north of Punta Cana called La Semana. As soon as we exchanged some currency (highly recommended) we hopped in our rental and headed out on the beautiful drive through the plains and mountains of the island nation. The farther we got from tourist nation, the more enjoyable our experience became.


We had previously booked an Airbnb after doing some research and settled on a house called “Casa Del Rio”.  We arrived at a small gated community that was mostly inhabited by local Dominicans and it was absolutely stunning. The living space was completely open air with enclosed bedrooms, and the best part, our back yard was the open ocean with a giant sand bar and surrounding shallow reefs for snorkeling. We settled in after a trip to the local grocery store and a quick unpacking, the first night was filled with drinks on the beach and fun with friends.


The next weeks were filled with scuba, hiking, ATV trips through the mountains, and a ton of outdoor time. Our beach was filled with OpenWorld Hammocks, Pocket Blankets, and Tarps, which was a perfect place to relax between adventures. The best part of this whole experience was having an entire house and ocean to ourselves at a price that is about half of what an all inclusive resort would have cost. Additionally, we had a truly genuine experience filled with culture, local customs, and no tourists.


With all of this said, I highly recommend taking a step outside of the norm and trying some adventure travel in a way that suits your wants and needs. I promise you too will love adventure travel. Until next time, get out and explore the open world the way it’s meant to be.




Ben Watsky, Co-founder


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