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The Ultimate Skiing Journey: Why Colorado is Amazing

Posted on November 02 2016


I was 16 years old when I began my skiing journey. It was about 9 am in the morning and I was excited to be done with a 12-hour drive from Missouri!  This was my first time ever visiting Colorado. I had no professional skiing equipment, I never watched skiing videos on YouTube, I knew zero skiing techniques but, nevertheless, I was ready to roll down a huge mountain.

From what I can recall it was cold as hell. That wasn’t going to be a deterrent, though. I didn’t care that I didn’t really know how to ski. My friend gave me a couple skiing tips but that was about it! But, there I was 16 years old looking down a massive mountain in Keystone, Colorado. There were beautiful clouds surrounding the mountains around me and I was just taking it all in.

So, just like any young man getting ready to start their skiing adventure I knew what I had to do next. I had to go down this massive mountain or look like a fool in front of my friends! So, minutes later after soaking up this amazing view I started my descent down the mountain. It was a green, of course, and I want to say I nailed it out of the ballpark, but that would be a lie!

Skiing Journey Middle

I fell countless times. I mean seriously, countless. However, during the process, I learned a valuable lesson. I LOVED to ski. I was immediately hooked! I finally reached the bottom of the mountain and you could see my smile from a mile away. I knew from that moment forward I would be a skier for life!

The fact is I will never forget that day. I will never forget my skiing journey and when I meet people with that same passion I tend to ask them about their own journey. That is because it was so instrumental to my development as a skier.

The bottom line is this. I had a ton of fun. I found my passion.  However, later on, in my skiing journey, I realized that I had absolutely terrible skiing equipment. Also, my skiing techniques were horrendous! That is why over the course of my journey I decided to upgrade and move past the rented skiing gear and move toward brands I knew would help me with my goals!

I created OpenWorld Outfitters because I knew there were people just like me out there that were sick of buying crappy gear that just couldn’t weather the storm. There are so many pieces of skiing equipment out there on the market these days that are just terrible.

Skiing Journey Bottom

I wanted to be able to bring high-quality skiing gear to the market for a fraction of the cost. I wanted people to buy my skiing equipment and know that the will get something that will last. I know what equipment will last because I test them all. I work with every single piece of equipment that is on my website. I wanted to change the world!


Yes, that’s right when it comes to people pursuing their passions I wanted to change the world. I believe I can inspire others to pursue their passion just like I did at 16 years old. So, I created a company that would help with that.

Hobbies are not just something you do for fun. In my opinion, they make life worth living. I really don’t care what hobby you choose I just know that everyone has to pursue their own personal skiing journey.  Here at OpenWorld Outfitters we just want people to realize their own journey and path.  


That is why we exist.
Until Next Time


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