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The OpenWorld Story

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The story goes back to 2008 when three strangers ended up attending a small aviation school in New Hampshire. You meet so many people when you get there but there are those that stand out as individuals that just click for you. The three of us met and simply clicked, we were a like-minded group of forward-thinking individuals that have a passion for the outdoors and adventure. We just simply enjoy life. We would go out and explore everything New England has to offer and talk about ideas for the future. We did not know it yet, but these years together are where OpenWorld Outfitters was born.
Fast-forward a few years and we began talking about how we wanted to design ultralight outdoor gear that allowed everyone to get out and explore. We all live across the US, from the mid-west to northern Maine and the different environments allowed us to see the needs of explorers in different geographic locations. That is when these three college friends took the leap and began creating products that allow you to go explore the OpenWorld the way it is meant to be.



Ben Hedley


Ben Hedley

Ben Hedley is a hard charger that comes in a small but powerful package. Although this dude is just over 5'7" tall he packs a punch. Hedley is a passionate outdoorsman who has found the perfect life balance of work, family, and play. Air Traffic controller by trade Hedley is task oriented but knows how to leave the office (Tower) behind and take himself and his family out into the wilderness and enjoy the world around him. Hedley is the mastermind behind product and web design to ensure all of our customers have the most seamless and enjoyable experience from shopping our site to getting out and using our ultra-light gear.


Ethan Evans


Ethan Evans

Ethan Evans is one chill Mainer who loves everything about the outdoors. From a young age he was out exploring everything from Northern Maine to the Sea Coast. Keeping with true Mainer form, Ethan is our soft spoken super friendly bro that is a project manager by trade. When he is not in the office, he spends every second he can outside exploring the wilderness with his awesome pup Jax. Ethan is our solutions guru that gets the work out about new products and coordinates community events put on by OpenWorld.




Ben Watsky

Ben Watsky (yes two Bens make things complicated) is an Upstate New Yorker that loves everything about the outdoors. He grew up exploring the Adirondacks and actually guided up there for a summer job during high school. He has made his life about exploring the world, and his career has followed. A pilot by trade Watsky is kind of an airhead, but he goes to some amazing places and gets to bring our gear along with him. He is (surprisingly) our finance guy and our gear tester, making sure we bring you quality products that stand up to the elements all over the world.