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OpenWorld Relief - Puerto Rico Relief 

OpenWorld Outfitters is extremely proud to Partner with many different causes both within the United States and abroad. This page is dedicated completely to highlighting those organizations and what great services they bring to those in need!

OpenWorld Relief is a 501c3 that is dedicated to help people relieve, rebuild and recover from natural disasters. The members of this organization collaborated in the wake of Hurricane Maria to get a team down and help a few days after the storm. They reopened schools, rebuilt roofs and provided medical care, ultimately touching over 5,000 lives. 

Moving forward as a non profit they are planning to run a 12-month (minimum) mission focused on economic development in the form of rebuilding small and medium size businesses, as well as, health and wellness as a formal medical team targeting the most hard to reach areas of the island.

OpenWorld Relief Twitter   OpenWorld Relief Facebook

High Elevation Lives Project - Medical Aid Developing Countries 

In Summer of 2017 OpenWorld Outfitters welcomed the opportunity to place one of its Co-Founders on the Board for High Elevation Lives Project (H.E.L.P Missions). H.E.L.P Missions is NGO formed in 2017 with the sole goal of bringing Medical Aid to 3rd world countries in the form of Medical Professionals and Basic Medical Supplies.

OpenWorld Outfitters along with our friends at Vertical Web Design aided in the creation of H.E.L.P.'s website and are proud to continuously sponsor their trips across the globe with high quality active clothing and other necessary gear. 

H.E.L.P plans to take their first official mission trip to Nepal in the Fall of 2018 and are looking for volunteers with Medical experience. As you can imagine, High Elevation Lives Project is always in need of donations to continue to bring the best Medical Professionals and Medical Supplies to these rural communities selected for each mission. Should this cause speak to you please see the links below to help!

Contribute to the Cause            H.E.LP Facebook Page

Hug It Forward - Bottle Schools

Since 2012 members of the OpenWorld Outfitters staff have been participating in trips to rural villages in Guatemala in order to aid the NGO Hug It Forward in their amazing efforts to build bottle schools in areas that simply cannot afford to build on their own. 

Hug It Forward has been an absolute savior to these villages. Without HIF there would not be 109 schools built in these communities. Without these schools the children would not be able to receive an education. We love this cause and encourage any of our readers to look into joining a trip, maybe ours! Learn more about HIF below. 

Hug It Forward Website      Hug It Forward Facebook